Eventbrite - Wolfpack Hustle: The HP Gran Prix Unified Title Series Finale 2014

September 27th Huntington Park
Pacific Blvd. @Zoe 5pm

1000ft Bicycle Sprint Race
Mens / Womens / Single Speed
(Fixed or Freewheel)
200 Qualifiers
Top 16 Bracketed Elimination Tournament
1st PRIZE: DOG TAGS / $250 CASH / 30PTS / SWAG


The HP Gran Prix is an all out sprint race down Pacific Blvd in the historic core of Huntington Park CA. 2 Winners, one man and one woman will receive Dog Tags, prizes and cash. This is the finale race in the 2014 Unified Title Series. Series Champions will be declared upon completion of this race.

This race is single speed only. Riders using geared systems will be required to prove that their gear shift system is disabled. 200 people will qualify individually against the entire field.

Qualifiers will be timed individually 2 at a time so that people can race friends (or frenemies) and still have a good time even if they dont have a shot at winning over all. You will be precision timed to the hundreth of a second AGAINST THE ENTIRE FIELD. CHOOSE YOUR TIMING PARTNER WISELY. Choose someone slower than you and you’ll be less likely to push yourself with no one to chase.

The top 16 fastest Qualified competitors will go head to head in bracketed elimination rounds until a winner is determined. First place Mens / Womens will receive Wolfpack Hustle Dog Tags, Cash and points in the Unified Title Series.


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Eventbrite - Wolfpack Hustle: The HP Gran Prix Unified Title Series Finale 2014



8 thoughts on “The HP Gran Prix 2014 Series Finale

  1. […] this year), The Shortline Crit, hosted by Long Beach this past May, The Civic Center Crit, and The Huntington Park Gran Prix (September 13th) make up one of the most exciting unsanctioned athletic competitions in Southern […]

  2. Roberto says:

    I got now 4 mails over the last week or two about this event… but no info at all about registration.

  3. Tomm says:

    What time does the Hustle begin ?!?

  4. Ben says:

    Registration for the drag race? I am worried I will miss it. I don’t see an official date yet.

  5. Aric says:

    I have not yet used my credit from the Crash Race. Will it be honored for the GP? If so, what will I need to do when registering online so that my credit is applied?

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